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    just ran speedtest on my netbook via bold-modem tethering w/ 3g ATT networking. First pic is w/ bluetooth 2.0+EDR connection. pretty disappointing actually, averaging around 85kb/sec. real time use, its pretty slow to load pages when browsing, dont even think about flash pages or any sort of animations or videos. lol.

    second pic is with usb connection through BB desktop Manager. Much better speeds, real time was pretty good for browsing. you tube still lags too much to watch instantly.

    so all in all im pretty happy. i wont be tethering much anyway, but i'll most likely use the bt conection when traveling, b/c its more convenient, however, it nears 56k modem speeds at the low end. just something i gotta accept.

    Mobile broadband? screw it. its wayyy to expensive at this time.

    tethering via bold!

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    06-24-09 05:50 AM
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    Just curious...noob question...were you using the ATT tethering plan or a 3rd party app? Would it make a difference?
    06-24-09 06:12 AM
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    "technically" its referred to as the tethering plan method, so no 3rd part app used in this case. However, it wouldn't make a difference, as data rate is limited by the type of connection between the phone and computer, and the modem hardware of the phone, and the networking. Software shouldn't be a factor.
    06-24-09 07:02 AM