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    Has anyone in Ireland succesfully tethered their BB to a laptop on the O2 network in Ireland?

    I have an unlimited data plan so unless O2 deliberatley stop this I presume it can be done?


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    06-25-09 02:37 PM
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    Simply do the following:
    (1) Plug in you blackberry
    (2) Run Desktop Manager **Needs to be running in order to use your blackberry as a modem**
    (3) Start-->ControlPanel-->PhoneAndModemOptions-->Click the 'Modems' tab.
    (4) Look for a modem called 'Standard Modem'. Click 'Properties'-->Click the 'Diagnostics' tab--> Click 'Query Modem'. The response should reference your blackberry device.

    **So now you know your blackberry is being detected as a modem, Now lets configure it**
    (5) Click the 'Advanced' tab and where it says 'Extra Initialization commands' enter the following exactly: +CGDCONT=1,"IP","wap.dol.ie"
    (6) Click 'Ok' twice to save the settings and close out of 'PhoneAndModemOptions'
    (7) Go to Start-->ControlPanel-->NetworkConnections-->'File'-->'NewConnection'
    (8) Click 'Next'-->Select 'ConnectToTheInternet'-->Select 'SetUpMyConnectionManually-->Select 'ConnectUsingADialUpModem'-->If Prompted Select 'StandardModem' (uncheck any other modems)-->Give the connection a name-->Type *99# as the 'Phone Number'-->Username is gprs Password is gprs-->Uncheck the 2 checkboxes displayed-->Click 'Finish'
    (9) Go to Start-->ControlPanel-->NetworkConnections-->Right Click on the connection you created-->Select 'Properties'-->Select the 'Networking' tab-->Select 'InternetProtocol(TCP/IP)-->Click 'Properties'-->Click 'Advanced'-->Uncheck 'UseIPHeaderCompression'-->Click 'Ok' 3 times to save the settings and close out

    **Your connection is now setup** :-)

    Test it by going to Start-->ConnectTo-->Select the connection that you created-->Click 'Dial'
    When it has connected you will see the active connection in the taskbar. You will also see the text 'Modem Mode Enabled' on your blackberry screen

    **Remember you need to be running 'Desktop Manager' in order to use ypur blackberry as a modem**

    Enjoy :-)
    08-06-09 07:13 AM