1. BBBold-calgary's Avatar
    Folks-fairly frustrated here. I have done my homework and research and I am still stuck.

    In short, when I try to start mobile internet, it says, "Failed to start Mobile internet". I have tried uninstalling the desktop SW and the USB modem SW, as well as cleaning up the registry and deleting all SW from the PC. Then downloaded fresh SW and reinstalled. Rebooted a few times. But still same issue. Did not have the issue with same SW with a BB Bold 9700 but for some reason, the 9900 is causing lots of issues.

    i am running XP SP3 and a BB Bold 9900. I have downloaded all of the current sw - Desktop manager v6.1.0.35 (june 7, 2011, bundle 34) as well as the latest USB and Model Drivers (file called "BlackBerry USB and Modem Drivers-ENG.msi", DM6.1 B35 and 29-Aug-11).

    a few other things i noticed: there is no BB modem in device manager after I connect the BB to the PC (is that right?) I also check properties for BB Device manager in the system tray and noticed that the version number of the BB Device Manager is, BBDevMgr is, RIM Usb Driver is, RIM Usb Serial Driver is (is this the current version?)

    It seems like the fix for others should have been to install the USB and modem driver but that is not working for me.

    Any thoughts or suggestions????
    09-03-11 09:30 PM
  2. waterfrontmgmt's Avatar
    what app are you using?
    09-03-11 09:34 PM
  3. BBBold-calgary's Avatar
    I was trying to use BB Desktop Software to connect to the internect via my BB Bold. I have the right data plan that allows tethering as well.
    09-03-11 09:37 PM
  4. waterfrontmgmt's Avatar
    if you have tethering as part of your plan, then call tech support. they can sort it out for you.
    09-03-11 09:48 PM