1. SOSAproblems's Avatar

    Well In My Previous Bold 9900 I didn't had that problem , in this new one when i start thetering through Desktop Software everything works fine , but when i wanna use my browser at the same time on the blackberry This Message pops up "The modem feature of the device is currently active. Please disconnect the modem and re-issue the request" and i already Disable the IP Modem SOLO Mode .. Any ideas ??
    08-10-13 06:12 PM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    This is Working As Designed, 3G data on BlackBerry has always had this constraint. I believe the practical limitation is that the system can't handle split routing for concurrent data on 2 channels (BIS pipe .and. Direct internet pipe) from a single mobile device. If this is a new message to you, maybe some early builds of the BB software didn't give the message correctly.

    If you are using the phone as tethered modem to serve data to your computer you should be able to use the computer's browser.
    08-11-13 05:35 AM
  3. SOSAproblems's Avatar

    Yea , But On My PRevious BOLD 9900 , I Could do both at the same time .. So ?
    08-11-13 05:53 AM

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