1. wxmancanada's Avatar
    TELUS Mobility has now updated their homepage to reflect the announcement of new OS 7 devices. You can now view all of the OS 7 devises "coming soon" to TELUS, including the 9810 Torch and 9900 Bold.

    An interesting note, under the specs of the 9900 Bold: TELUS states that a key feature is "improved browser for faster loading of web and Flash® pages" -- maybe Flash is something we're going to see on some releases? If so, that'd be awesome.

    Nonetheless, TELUS home page: Select your province | TELUS Mobility
    TELUS OS 7 Devices: Smartphones | Phones & devices | TELUS Mobility
    08-03-11 07:17 AM
  2. laurah2215's Avatar
    This is great to see! I still believe that all the carriers will release the OS 7 devices on the same day (i.e., they will release the Bold on the same day and the Torch on the same day, but not necessarily these devices on the same day) to avoid issues of competition, but I could be wrong. I really wish I could afford to upgrade!
    08-03-11 08:58 AM