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    Hello, lately i've been using my tmobile 9780 to connect my laptop to wifi due to a issue with my new dell laptop not working properly (hardware issue with wifi device) and today my 9780 rebooted as if though it had done a software update, yet I didn't tell it, nor did I get any request from desktop software to do any updates. So the dam thing reboots and a bit later I get this strange message from the blackberry browser in the notification area where I normally see the facebook notification on the home screen and it's a message talking about 'tether plan'. Well I thought it was a spam message as I had never even heard of the term 'tether' in use with a cell phone connecting a computer to the internet, though i've been doing this for a long, long time; im just not geeky in that way... Anyhow now when I try to go to CNN or FOX news sites they seem to be blocked (not that thats a bad thing) with the tether screen, but I can go to just about everything else???

    At any rate,I'm not happy to find out that T-mobile has started to charge for this... Guess it makes sense though since they seem to be in bed with AT&T now. And it's not the fact that they're charging for it, but the way in which I found out about it. No warning at all. They never told me about this and I didn't notice it in the contract that I read about 3 or 4 years ago!

    Guess my next step is to cut out all the crap they've managed to sell to me over the years... Blackberry service, unlimited this and that... I could pay for a new car with the amount of money the greedy bastards are taking from me each month, but that's not enough! They want more!

    I think I liked it better when I just had a phone I could make phone calls with! I'd do all my computing on my computer! And I started looking at new cars today as well!

    FED UP!
    07-06-11 11:21 PM