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    i unlocked my T mobile 9700 and i am using at&t, and i am just wondering is their a way to add the stock OS and apps on my phone i have downloaded the software that is available on the blackberry site on the at&t section but its not what i seemed it would do, just wondering if anyone knows EXACTLY how to stock this phone default at&t from tmobile software
    07-02-10 12:18 AM
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    um what????? how about you reword your request and learn to use a period so we can read it better. you can load an 9700 OS from any carrier onto your phone, so i have no idea what you are trying to do.
    07-02-10 12:26 AM
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    um worthless??
    07-02-10 12:32 AM
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    um worthless??
    i told you that you can load the most current at&t OS onto the device. you can also load any carriers OS onto it, as the most current may not be the one from at&t. also, if you are trying to get rid of the carrier splash screens by loading an at&t OS, that wont work. the OS doesnt control the splash screens, the VSM file does that (which you cannot change). running any other operating system wont visually change the phone to an "at&t 9700". what do you mean that the downloaded software didnt do what you expected it to do?

    perhaps if you were a little more specific and your paragraph wasnt a horribly written run on sentence, we would be able to figure out what you are trying to do. and if you took the time to search, there are many threads and articles explaining how to properly upgrade the OS on your phone.

    read the following.....

    BlackBerry 101 How-To Lecture Series | CrackBerry.com
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    07-02-10 01:44 AM
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    i think he wants the at&t theme but since it's a tmobile bold, the at&t theme is locked.

    How to unlock all vendor themes - how do you post links here? it keep going to a page error??

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    07-02-10 02:13 AM
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    well thats why i told him his request is unclear. if its the splash screens and carrier themes he is wanting to change, he cant. if he wants to use an at&t official OS, be my guest. my guess is he tried to load the at&t OS and it wasnt loading because he didnt delete the vendor file. which if he looked around, he wouldve found the instructions and been on his way. yet if he did get the OS loaded, he wouldve seen the splash screens still say t-mobile which wouldve confused him more since they didnt change to at&t after the OS load. which is why i told him they wont change and loading a specific carrier OS, or using another one....in reality doesnt make any visual difference.
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    07-02-10 02:37 AM
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    You used to be able to unlock the vendor themes.
    07-02-10 06:17 AM
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    You used to be able to unlock the vendor themes.
    you can but still, this wont change the start up splash screens. they will remain as the VSM file in the phone remains unchanged. just unlocking the themes means nothing. this is what i assume the OP is after. in a blackberry, changing an OS doesnt change the branding of the phone. you are unable to rebrand/unbrand it a 9700 with available software. unless you find a way to load a new carriers VSM file, it will always show his tmobile splash screens, regardless of what carriers official or non official OS he runs.
    07-02-10 07:48 AM
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    Yeah, people need to get over the splash screens.
    07-02-10 08:04 AM