1. obaquerizo's Avatar
    Dear Friends, does sync my hotmail account the first time that i configure it in my bb can make that i recieve the error 403 that i do not have permision to navegate some pages on the explorer, but when i use wifi have no problem

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    08-03-11 01:12 AM
  2. laurah2215's Avatar
    You can set up your BB to receive incoming Hotmail messages through the Email Set Up application. This will act like a POP set up, but not IMAP. That being, you will be able to delete incoming messages from the device and/or Hotmail server, but you will not be able to sync your Hotmail folders and previous messages with your BB. You can navigate to Hotmail in the browser to find all of your Hotmail messages. Hope that somewhat clarifies things.
    08-03-11 06:40 AM
  3. obaquerizo's Avatar
    It do clarify something, perhaps this as nothing to do with the error 403 in the explorer when navigate on the internet

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    08-03-11 07:30 AM