1. marynic's Avatar
    Hi again!
    Finally got my 9900 up and running again!
    Now I'm trying to sync it with my mac, but both the sync and restore options on BB Desktop Software are unavailable.
    Anyone else experiencing this?
    08-11-11 02:07 PM
  2. stormrider_67's Avatar
    What OS are you using?

    Lion has been a MAJOR headache with anything sync-wise that isn't Apple. My PlayBook, Logitech Harmony remote and Storm all have sync issues.

    As with ANY Apple product, run your software updates! Go to Blackberries site and download the latest Desktop Manager from there, never trust the disc version!

    I found if you are running Lion to download Java runtime from Apple's site and ensure both 64/32 bit modes are enabled more features become available. IMHO, use another Mac with an older OS or a PC for now until they iron this out.
    08-11-11 02:18 PM