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    I am well aware that comparing phones that run different OSes and that are made by different manufacturers is a very difficult thing, and it's like comparing an apple to an orange. That said, I'd love to hear some insight or thoughts from other users about the following:

    About a week ago, my Tour had a hardware malfunction and was out of warranty. I was up for a 2 year, so in frustration, I quickly grabbed a Bold from the store and began to use it. At first, the OS was a bit clunky and I didn't love it so much, but I'm used to it now. Within a few days, I began to run into all sorts of issues. The Bold's microphone randomly stops working (yes, I know I can get this replaced by Verizon, but keep reading), it lags, I get the spinning wheel, and a battery pull takes around 4 or 5 minutes to actually complete.

    After looking at the other devices in the store, the only one that interested me was the HTC Thunderbolt. I used the device for a few minutes, but decided that I didn't like it that much and moved on. Now that I've had the Bold for a few days and have been using it, I realize that I should have seriously considered the Thunderbolt. I have one week left to return the phone and grab the Thunderbolt, and I'm very seriously considering it. I would like some thoughts on the following things, and how switching platforms will be.

    The only things on my BB that I'm concerned with missing are these:
    1. The physical keyboard. I'm not great with touch screens, but I've heard that the Thunderbolt isn't bad, and adjusting isn't bad either.
    2. Email - BB email is still unbeatable.
    3. Messaging - BB messaging is amazing, I don't know how Android matches up to it.

    I'd love to hear thoughts and/or experience with the switch and how it is.

    tl;dr - Looking to change from BB Bold to Thunderbolt, how is the change?
    08-13-11 11:37 PM
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    I love my T-Bolt, and i don't have the super poor battery issues you hear all the whining about. And they keyboard is not hard to get used to at all.. And the abilty to get swift key is great. Best android keyboard imho.

    I dont think you will be disappointed, As long as you don't EXPECT batter life like your BB you will be fine.. As it does so many other amazing things. And i LOVE my berry! But i also love the things my T-Bolt can do that the BB is very limited at.

    You will never use the BB for web browsing again. lol
    08-13-11 11:53 PM
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    Android is better for web browsing, but BlackBerry is better for messaging. Only you can decide what you like better.
    Personally, I enjoy Android on my Nook, but I would hate it as my phone OS.
    I DO recommend you get a new bold 99x0 if you didn't though. A 9650, 9700, or 9780 just isn't worth it at this point if you're getting something new.

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    08-13-11 11:57 PM
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    Get Memory Optimizer from App world. I install it and do a battery pull.
    That should help with the little hour glass issue and lagging.

    08-14-11 12:37 AM
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    Thanks for your replies. I've done the memory booster and battery pull, but for some reason I get issues with the hourglass and such still. They're not frequent or a huge deal, but it's annoying.

    I guess what bothers me most is just the lack of RIM updates. They really just don't update anything, and when they do it's nothing so big that it will change the world. There is no app market, and their stock is dying quickly. I love my BB and I've had one for the past year, but I think I may try to make the switch and if I hate it I will switch back.

    I have Gmail, so syncing email on an Android device shouldn't any issue at all. I'm still a bit nervous about the loss of a physical keyboard, though. Hopefully the learning curve won't be too big and I'll be able to tap out messages as quickly on the touch screen as I can right now on my BB.

    Another thought: would using a Droid 3 be smart at all? I know it's got a keyboard, but lacks RAM.
    08-14-11 10:39 AM
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    If your looking for a solid device in the android world I would suggest the incredible 2. This device is one of the best devices verizon has!

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    08-17-11 06:12 AM
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    THREE words; RESEARCH, RESEARCH, and RESEARCH and remember its what YOUR comfortable with. Utilize the 30day trial it comes in handy.
    08-17-11 11:58 AM
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    THREE words; RESEARCH, RESEARCH, and RESEARCH and remember its what YOUR comfortable with. Utilize the 30day trial it comes in handy.
    i agree do your hw on the device your considering, make a pros and cons list of what functions are important to YOU. As for the trial period, VzW only allows 14 days now.

    you could also check out this thread to gauge what people may have said about going from bb to Tbolt.

    08-17-11 02:05 PM