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    I've been looking forward to getting the bold for quite some time but i just recently (6months ago) got the Curve. As it stands i'm not eligible for a Hardware upgrade from Rogers. I have a friend who's looking to getting a blackberry (she actually wants my curve). Here's what i was thinking.

    I was thinking of selling my slightly used curve for maybe $75 to her + give her all my accessories. She would buy the new bold and sign a 3 year contract to get for $399 (which i would give her the money to buy)..

    This way she gets a blackberry curve for $75 (instead of $200 and either way she would have to get a 3 yr contract) and i would get the bold at $399 instead of $599 (if i bought it outright)...

    More importantly can this work. Can she buy the bold under her name and then we switch the phones? Would a sales rep care at Rogers?
    08-25-08 05:44 PM
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    Seems to me, once the product is shipped, you no longer have to deal with the sales staff.

    The support staff are there to please you, it is part of their ISO 9001 training. The ticket stays open until you answer the final "Is there any thing else I can do you help you?" with No.

    ISO 9000 Articles - What is ISO9000

    On the personal side, what if the relationship does not last the 3 years on the contract? Are you confidant this person will protect your credit by paying the bills on time? Marry her, just to be sure.
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    08-25-08 08:07 PM
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    the friend is signing the contract under their name not his
    08-25-08 09:46 PM