05-28-09 08:21 PM
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  1. rikkshady's Avatar
    lemme know whatya think..

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    05-27-09 09:47 AM
  2. rikkshady's Avatar
    and one more.
    05-27-09 09:49 AM
  3. BlueFyre's Avatar
    Seems pretty intense. Everyone seems to be doing this now, hey?

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    05-27-09 10:00 AM
  4. shorts's Avatar
    Niceeel! Looks pretty sexy. What's the theme though?

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    05-27-09 10:11 AM
  5. jay0heavenly's Avatar
    yaye....another blacked out bold

    lol... looks sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    05-27-09 10:13 AM
  6. fadi316's Avatar
    wow very nice!!!, i love the wallpaper, can you advise where i can get it plz??
    05-27-09 10:14 AM
  7. Synic's Avatar
    Sweet bold! I got the same set up with the black trackball and black bezel, still have the regular black battery cover though. Blacked out bolds ftw, but everyones got a personal preference to what they think looks good or not.

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    05-27-09 10:37 AM
  8. El Prince's Avatar
    So many blacked out bolds !
    Makes me wanna change my mind , bcuz it's not special anymore ..
    Anyways , nice lookin' fone .. Great battery cover .

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    05-27-09 10:46 AM
  9. SatanDream's Avatar
    it is very nice, beautiful wallpaper
    05-27-09 10:47 AM
  10. doomiberry's Avatar
    Very nice and classy, but i prefer all black with original chrome buttons! I like your battery cover! Whre did you buy it?
    05-27-09 10:51 AM
  11. rikkshady's Avatar
    the wallpaper is from the wllpaper section of crackberry, and i found the them from searching OTA downlaods on this site. its called the "bold 7icon sms,cb,sa,v2"
    05-27-09 10:56 AM
  12. Blacklac's Avatar
    You can't call it "Super Black Bold" and still have that AT&T labeled bottom face plate. i kid...

    Is it just that picture, or did you color the trackball ring? Did it tarnish? Looks copperish.
    05-27-09 11:46 AM
  13. dictoresno's Avatar
    post up the wallpaper or link to it. you found it in a wallpaper thread? i really dont wanna go hunting through pages and pages for it.
    05-27-09 12:00 PM
  14. fabuloso's Avatar
    Tempted....I think ill be buying my stuff this weekend. I just placed an order for my tools on cnn.cn for about $9, with $5 shipping. I will black out my bold.

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    05-27-09 12:12 PM
  15. rikkshady's Avatar
    its in the downloads tab, not the forums.. and no its not tarnished or colored. i dont know why it looks like that in the pics.. who knowwwwwwwwwwwwsss
    05-27-09 04:36 PM
  16. snowindec9's Avatar
    here we go again, we should created a song entitled 'blacked out'.
    05-27-09 07:24 PM
  17. Trev0079's Avatar
    How come yours doesn't say AT&T on the main screen? Is there a way to take it off?
    05-27-09 07:26 PM
  18. TeritaM's Avatar
    super nice. love the theme/wallpaper combo
    05-27-09 08:16 PM
  19. dLirious's Avatar
    Wow that looks nice
    05-27-09 08:43 PM
  20. PRC's Avatar
    I just ordered all my parts today from Pmonmon on Ebay. Should be all stealthy some time next week.
    05-27-09 08:47 PM
  21. Iceman's Avatar
    I love the all black look...

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    05-27-09 08:50 PM
  22. rikkshady's Avatar
    at&t not being on the screen is part of the theme
    05-28-09 08:21 AM
  23. zkyevolved's Avatar
    OK, I'm sorry... But when I saw this thread, the first thing I thought was this South Park line:

    Freak Out 2K2 - Clips - South Park Studios

    this is Hilarius!

    excuse me, I'm not incredibly obese black man, I'm incredibly black obese man. LMFAO

    Love your bold I don't know if I want mine ALL white or ALL black. (not a racist remark)
    05-28-09 08:25 AM
  24. shwy's Avatar
    and one more.
    What a BLACKBerry! How that looks is why I want to black out mine when I get it.
    05-28-09 08:33 AM
  25. tenoclock's Avatar
    Where did you get the CF backing?
    05-28-09 09:04 AM
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