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    Hi All,

    last night I had a strange problem with my Bold (OS

    Was at work, BB rang and I went to answer it, only thing was I would press the Send button and nothing happened (luckily I was wearing my Bluetooth and could answer it that way). Once off the phone, I tried to check a BBM that had come through while I was talking - I press the trackball in and nothing happens, so I press it again...this time my Calendar opens up. I then pressed the back button and went to the home screen, tried the trackball again, same thing. so after about 10 times of that happening, I press the send button to make a call, this time my BB goes into Lock mode.
    so now Im like WTF is going on here.. pressing the * and Send does nothing at all, so I do a Battery pull. upon startup, same problems persist. did another battery pull and same thing still happening. my battery was getting quite low, so it eventually died.

    plugged it in when I got into my truck, turned it on after a few min and poof, all is normal. worked fine the rest of the evening.

    fast forward to this morning.

    BB is working fine, no problems, by around 1130am, same problems occur, do a battery pull and its fine. get a few BBM msg's and Im replying and wtf, when I press "a" it types "uo".. cant get rid of it. close all BBM msg windows and still same thing..

    has anyone had this happen before?!? I have been running for AGES now and never had any problems. I havent installed any new programs etc since BBM5.0(never had any problems with that either).

    any advice would be greatly appreciated!
    08-12-09 03:53 PM
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    A few folks reported the "a" = "uo" problem a week or so ago -- not sure how you woukd search for the thread, though (let alone what the end result of the thread was).

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    08-12-09 04:05 PM
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    Have u got multiple languages installed and maybe one has activated? Try running the setup wizard to remove any funk. Failing that I might try a full wipe and OS reinstall. Do your backup using the advanced options and only take what you 'need' to mitigate the risk of bringing the problem with. Good luck!

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    08-12-09 05:25 PM