1. KidBerry's Avatar
    So something weird happened today. I have 2 email envelope icons on my phone both are for my seperate hotmail accounts. Anyway I also have a theme I downloaded but I dont think it has anything to do with that. I noticed earlier today that there were two mini orange colored envelopes on the bottom of my 2 envelope icons on my main screen. Then I went into MEDIA>PICTURES>PICTURE FOLDERS and there was a new folder titled something like "BIS......" with numbers or something after it.

    To my knowledge BIS is Blackberry Internet Service? So I deleted the BIS new folder in the MEDIA pictures folders then I restarted the device and everything is back to normal.

    So any ideas what this was?????

    06-23-10 06:18 PM
  2. bacon.jay's Avatar
    I think it's Hotmail/Live's BIS email icon, mine is the little orange envelope too for my @live.com account. Yahoo does the same thing with any email accounts you have through the BIS and changes the icon to an envelope with a little "Y!" Yahoo logo.
    06-23-10 08:49 PM
  3. KidBerry's Avatar
    Could it have anyting to do with "flag properties" -- in not even sure what that mean but I have accidentally clicked it a few times when I was trying to delete my email.

    What is "flag properties" ??
    06-24-10 05:56 AM
  4. Feistything's Avatar
    Same thing here. All 3 of my hotmail email addresses show orange envelopes. When I click on any of them, I have no mail. UGH! This just started today, June 24.
    06-24-10 01:00 PM
  5. KidBerry's Avatar
    I just had it happen again but this time to ONE of my hotmail envelopes and there is NO new mail that i havent opened in it!!

    someone help!!!!
    06-24-10 04:56 PM
  6. SuperLeb's Avatar
    Hi guys, Ok so my story is the same thing. Last night, June 24, my Hotmail icon started showing a yellow'ish orangy unopened letter on my hotmail icon and i tried everything to make it go away. I called TELUS and they STILL didn't know what it was or how to get rid of it. We're thinking it's just a new graphic feature from Hotmail that they forgot to inform us about.

    They said that Windows Live and Hotmail had a new company merger recently, and this may be some of their new flashy gimmicks. If anyone here knows any information on what to do about this, or if there's anything we can/should do, please reply.

    06-25-10 09:45 AM
  7. SuperCM's Avatar
    The new orange icon is to reflect the rollout of Windows Live Wave 4. Along with a multitude of enhancements to the service, Hotmail which is the email component of the whole Windows Live strategy got a new logo.

    Whoever told you it was a company merger doesn't know what they're talking about. Both are owned by Microsoft and are simply different components of their online strategy.

    From what I can tell, it seems to be for Hotmail accounts using the older protocol. If you remove and readd the address it'll stay the default POP3 icon of the globe.

    For more information about the New Hotmail, check here.
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    06-25-10 02:04 PM
  8. KidBerry's Avatar
    Thank you for solving that mystery!!

    Now what about the "BIS" folder that appeared in my media>pics>folders place?? I deleted it... it happened right around the time of the first orange envelope occurance...might they be connected??
    06-25-10 07:51 PM
  9. mestes1999's Avatar
    So I deleted my hotmail in BIS and readded it because I haven't received the icon yet. And now it shows POP, but no options to change that. How do I change it so I get the new icon? Plus, why would I want POP on my phone???
    06-28-10 02:58 PM
  10. sabbotage's Avatar
    There is a whole blog writeup on the new icon on the main CB homepage in the blogs........
    06-28-10 03:08 PM
  11. Pi Guy 3.14's Avatar
    There is a whole blog writeup on the new icon on the main CB homepage in the blogs........
    And TONS of other threads and posts in pretty much every forum on this site...
    06-28-10 03:12 PM