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    ok...maybe I was one of the weird ones, but I loved my Storm 2. I liked surepress and the big screen. When the new OS 7 phones were announced, I looked at the specs. No QNX and no 4G/LTE so I figured I would pass as I was very happy with my Storm 2. When I realized that I was surfing more on my playbook then my Storm 2, I was wondering if it was time to trade the larger screen storm in for a physical keyboard again (I had previously had an 8830 & 9630). I decided to go by the local verizon store and play with a 9930. It didn't take long for me to be hooked. Needless to say, my storm 2 has been retired, and I LOVE my new 9930 (I didn't know what love was when I had my storm). The touchscreen and physical keyboard are a match made in heaven. I would never have thought about attempting this post with my Storm 2 but had no issues jumping into it with my 9930. It did take me a couple of days with my 9930 to stop trying to press the screen to select something and a little bit longer to stop swiping down the keyboard to try and hide it.

    Who needs qnx...OS7 on my 9930 is lightning quick and an awesome UI!!!

    The combination of my playbook and 9930 can't be beat!!!

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    10-30-11 04:34 PM