06-17-09 10:58 PM
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  1. jayred's Avatar
    just checked it on the CB home page. anyone know if it's limited to the US or is it international?
    05-18-09 09:09 PM
  2. bt224's Avatar
    Doesn't really say.

    Stitcher.com - Home
    05-18-09 09:19 PM
  3. jayred's Avatar
    i went to stitcher.com and i selected the bold and put my e-mail in for the link to be sent to me, but nothing yet...
    05-18-09 09:24 PM
  4. bt224's Avatar
    Nice find, jayred. I downloaded and it works pretty well.
    05-18-09 09:31 PM
  5. jayred's Avatar
    shweet.... that's good. now i need to sort mine out
    05-18-09 09:37 PM
  6. warau's Avatar
    Great find this is just what I was looking for. Ridiculously clean interface and noob friendly. Wonderful selection too!

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    05-18-09 09:38 PM
  7. bt224's Avatar
    Here's the link.

    Stitcher.com - Desktop Download

    EDIT: Not sure why it says Desktop Download, I went to it from my Bold and it worked fine.
    05-18-09 09:41 PM
  8. jayred's Avatar
    if you go to it via your pc browser it says to enter the URL with your mobile... Dumb
    05-18-09 09:46 PM
  9. jayred's Avatar
    anyone in Europe or Australia test this yet? RSA testing would be the best, but i know there isn't many of us. busy upgrading my OS to .266 so i can't dl it.
    05-18-09 09:55 PM
  10. jayred's Avatar
    was just reading up on it... it says it's currently available for AT&T and T-Mobile users. lol. ironic the first guys to get their hands on it are both AT&T
    05-18-09 10:04 PM
  11. scoobey's Avatar
    My obstacle is that while they've announced that it's available for the "Curve", my 8900 isn't on their drop-down list. Wonder whether the version for 8300 or 8320 will work on the 8900?
    05-19-09 01:15 PM
  12. Sirhill's Avatar
    I grad it today to see if it was a keeper. It was okay but I would not keep it around. I wanted to try and add podcast that i listen to a lot and some radio show but could not figure it out so I dumped it.
    05-19-09 03:16 PM
  13. surajd's Avatar
    I did download it yesterday, but buffering is really slow, the audio cuts in and out and it always hangs my Bold even when on WiFi. I like the features but till we get a more robust build that works for me.
    05-19-09 04:44 PM
  14. sniffs's Avatar
    Doesn't work for the Storm. Going to that dl page brings up a blank page.. looking at the browser history, seems to be pointing to a "stitcher.com/dl/coming_soon"
    05-19-09 05:08 PM
  15. jayred's Avatar
    Stupid crap needs my apn. So I put it in. Nothing! Go figure in a 3rd world country

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    05-19-09 05:24 PM
  16. BBHoward's Avatar
    Jayred, what are you entering for your APN?
    05-19-09 06:07 PM
  17. jayred's Avatar
    Pretty funny story... Phoned my carrier and they gave me the APN... The same one I was using. So after arguing for ages, I spoke to a supervisor. And BAM! BB has a different APN. Put it in and it's working perfectly. No lag either. Thanx guys

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    05-19-09 06:27 PM
  18. DanielleLin's Avatar
    I just downloaded it onto my new BlackBerry Bold, and it works great -- it might just be my new favorite app.
    05-19-09 08:22 PM
  19. Berry_Bold's Avatar
    I downloaded this app yesterday... Just a head's up that (at least on my device) it seems to bea memory HOG!... I noticed after using it for a while yesterday that my memory was very low, so I closed it, and the memory went back up to an acceptable amount. This morning, I had 20MB free... I opened the app and started listening to a podcast (which was also skipping), and while still playing, I checked the memory and it was down to 8MB!!... I then tried to exit the app, it sat there at "quitting application" for about 5-10 minutes (meanwhile the memory dipped down to 5MB). I eventually got an out of memory exception error ...as soon as I cleared the error, however, my memory went back up to 31MB!! Again, could just be my device, but something to watch out for if you use this app!
    05-20-09 09:04 AM
  20. anon(1969956)'s Avatar
    The same thing happened to me....played 2 podcasts and my memory dropped low to the 20mb...I had to delete it.

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    05-20-09 07:06 PM
  21. twentyfive64's Avatar
    Don't like it. It removed MSN as my home page when I open browser. Audio is spotty at best. Muliple error messages and couldn't close the app without taking my battery out

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    05-22-09 09:29 AM
  22. ka3yan#CB's Avatar
    I like everything about it except for the memory drain. I went from ~30mb to around 7 in like 10 minutes. I couldn't stop it and got a nasty hourglass from ****. So I did a battery pull and deleted the app. Sad because I actually liked the app.
    05-22-09 11:02 AM
  23. BBHoward's Avatar

    Thanks for listening to Stitcher on your Blackberry and letting us know about your experiences.

    We have identified an issue in which some listeners experience poor performance when listening to shows on Stitcher that are longer than 30 minutes or so. The symptoms are exactly as you are describing in this application (hourglass preventing other actions, unresponsive, low memory conditions, audio stopping and starting, etc.).

    We are working to address this issue in an upcoming update to the Stitcher application.

    Stitcher QA Manager
    05-26-09 12:20 PM
  24. jayred's Avatar
    Thanx Howard. have an issue with the app. no matter what APN i put in, it still charges me for the data usage. i'm on a BB data plan and i shouldn't need to pay. it would be cool if the it could auto detect the APN. otherwise the app has an awesome interface. Good work

    oh and i just deleted the app quick and i gained 19mb flash. WOW
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    05-26-09 01:04 PM
  25. BBHoward's Avatar
    Jayred, What APN are you using now? Is this the APN in your Blackberry settings or in the Stitcher application?
    06-02-09 12:50 PM
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