1. chinkybaldguy's Avatar
    ok, so i bought a bold off craigslist, came home, restored info and then upgraded to .266. after i do a restore, the icons for my emails are there. when i go to the set up email folder, its brings me to the BIS username/password screen, i enter my info, it says its wrong.

    in the 'messages' folder, im getting emails and facebook updates for the former owner. i had called att, they took the IMEI number and put it under my account and told me to do a device wipe.

    done all that, restored the device again, but same thing.

    anyone got any ideas why this is happening?
    07-24-09 05:22 AM
  2. Dctaneyo's Avatar
    Did you make a backup and restore it? If you did I suggest you reload the OS and manually input everything again instead of using the backup. Also, it could be a glitch in the BIS system. The device's PIN might be registered with the previous owner's BIS account. I can't say I know for sure but that's just a guess of mine.
    07-24-09 05:34 AM
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    I changed your title from, "help...i'm lost..."

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    07-24-09 05:37 AM
  4. Michael Hepples's Avatar
    Sounds like the previous owner did not release the PIN from their BIS account. You will need to contact them and have them call their carrier to release the PIN.
    07-24-09 05:45 AM
  5. chinkybaldguy's Avatar
    oops...sorry bout the title. thanks.

    i have a backup that i made with my 8900 that i have. its a couple weeks old.

    im assuming that for the BIS username you just enter the username and not username@blackberry.att.com, right?

    should i try to call att and ask them to switch the PIN over to my account too or was them changing the IMEI to my account enough.

    this is starting to suck. i thought the process of switching between two phones was just gonna include syncing emails to the phones PIN that im using.
    07-24-09 05:47 AM
  6. chinkybaldguy's Avatar
    Sounds like the previous owner did not release the PIN from their BIS account. You will need to contact them and have them call their carrier to release the PIN.
    the previous owner called and they said that att needed me to call. i explained it to att and thats when they asked for my IMEI. i assumed thats all they needed cause the CS rep put me on hold to figure out the 'messages' folder problem, thats when they told me to wipe the device.
    07-24-09 05:49 AM
  7. Michael Hepples's Avatar
    If the PIN has already been released by the previous owner, then I would suggest calling ATT and having them reset your BIS username and password so you can access your account.

    However, if you are still receiving the previous owners emails, the PIN is likely still linked to their BIS account. The only reason you have your emails on there as well is the restore you did from a previous backup.

    One thing you can do is to go under Options>Advanced>Service Books, and delete any service books associated with the previous owner's email. Then when you call ATT to reset your BIS username and password, ask them to resend your service books. If the mail accounts for the previous owner come back, the PIN hasn't been properly released.
    07-24-09 05:55 AM