1. maiduguri's Avatar
    I was updating my 9000 Bold yesterday when the screen went blank, then was replaced by the following:
    A white screen with a very small black clock in the middle whose hands are constantly revolving, and this alternates with a black screen and a red light.
    My computer no longer connects with the device.

    I have tried ALT-CONT-DELETE, and also removing the battery for 30 seconds but it makes no difference.

    Can anyone please help?
    08-20-11 04:51 AM
  2. lzeng's Avatar
    maybe you should try wiping ur device and installing a fresh os on it
    08-20-11 05:27 AM
  3. maiduguri's Avatar
    How do I do that, because the device does not connect with my computer and the key pad on the device is non-responsive. Screen only alternates between black background with red light, of white background with very small clock in centre with revolving hands
    08-20-11 07:11 AM
  4. saudadeii's Avatar
    You need to go look in the Blackberry Help section. You'll find the directions you need to reinstall.
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    08-20-11 09:02 AM
  5. maiduguri's Avatar
    I finally removed the desktop software from my computer and re-installed it, and I have now re-connected to my 9000 Bold. However, it now says no sim card. I wondered if for some reason the device had locked itself, so I wanted to imput the unlock key I got last year when my brother-in-law gave me the phone. I went into options - advanced options - select sim card, and entered MEPD, and did not get a chance to then enter MEP2 because I got message saying Sim Disabled. If I try to go back into options - advanced options, I immediately get the Sim Disabled message. All these problems started yesterday after trying to update software. Where do I go from here?
    08-21-11 08:29 AM