1. Ryan Loker's Avatar
    Hello all. I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out a charging issue that I am having with my Sprint Blackberry Bold 9930. Basically what happens is when I go to charge the device, I get the blinking lightning bolt in the battery status icon for a brief period of time indicating the battery is charging, only to after a little while have it change to the black plug icon- or disappear completely. The battery never charges all the way.

    I'm running 7.1 Bundle 1737 (v7.1.0.580, Platform

    I just now replaced the battery. The highest I've been able to get it to is 56%, and it almost seems that was either luck or it happened to be somewhat charged upon arrival.

    I reviewed this old thread for ideas:


    Not much help. There are a few apps they suggest uninstalling, but I don't have any of those.

    Anybody that knows more than me care to offer suggestions? I'll give just about anything a shot at this point.
    05-04-13 02:14 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    Have you tried a different ac charger? Maybe there's a intermittent short caused by a broken wire?
    05-04-13 07:05 PM
  3. Ryan Loker's Avatar
    Haven't tried a different A/C charger, but I've tried a car charger and two USB cables in two different locations with the same issue.

    Took it into Sprint today and they were able to reproduce the issue in the store. To be honest the tech didn't really seem to have any more of a clue what was going on than I did. Basically she opened it up, looked at it, and authorized a free replacement.

    Unfortunately they didn't have the Bold 9930 in stock, so they had to order it. Being a weekend, that means I probably won't get it until Wednesday or so.

    I'm hoping that takes care of things... I guess I'll find out!
    05-04-13 08:59 PM

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