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    For some odd reason, I've been getting a lot of freezes and spinning clock symbols recently. I haven't downloaded any extra applications, I clean my browser's history and cache, log (alt+L, G, L, G), use the memory cleaning application and pull my battery ~3 times a day. I have a maximum of about 51MB of free memory after a battery pull and I'm running OS I was on 448 but I got updated to 546 via DM. The spinning clock comes up almost any time, even if I'm just writing an email, looking at a mobile website or even going through my settings. The worst places are the browser and the Facebook application.

    The browser, when I look at a full site, can make the spinning clock appear for about 10 seconds before it closes the page. All I do is visit www.JamesList.com, click on a link or two and the webpage is apparently too large. OS 5 didn't seem to have a problem with it. Facebook, I joke not when I say that when I browse friends' photo albums, the clock has appeared for up to 50 seconds at a time, then a few seconds of free movement, then another pain staking wait. Memory cleaning doesn't help and neither does having all other applications closed. I must say I'm a very patient person, but my patience runs thin when using my 9700 for essentials. I had a shrunk version of 534, but I still had the same problems, but not as extensive as 546.

    Any advice on how to deal with the spinning clock?


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    Could just be the way that OS is for your phone. I have heard a lot of people say how good .546 is, but there are a few that mentioned the spinning clock more.

    I would do a wipe and try another OS build and see how it works. Another thing too a new OS takes time to settle in, so it could be that as well.

    I am back on .448 as I didn't feel like installing a new OS on the new Bold I exchanged and has actually worked quite well. Reason I mention it could be the OS, I used to have .448 on an my other Bold and had all kind of problems. Same OS, Different phones. (Well all of them 9700's.)

    I say have a go at another OS or try the one you are on again. Might settle in better.

    If all else fails, go back to OS5. I rarely ever got the clock on 5.

    Good luck!

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    What I would recommend is look through ur apps, I've found apps like news feeds, traffic and a couple other similar apps are eating away at avalible memory and causes the "hourglass"ing your stating

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    If you use whatsapp, try uninstalling it...

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