1. vegas33139's Avatar
    Hey guys.................

    My contract recently ran out but I love my 9900 so I just bought a sim only deal rather than committing to another 2 year contract.

    Anyway - my new sim works fine. The only problem I have is that when I went to populate my speed dial list with friends and family etc, there seems to be some stuff that has decided to populate itself in my list. For example, in my speed dial list I have, top-up, show balance, directories etc etc and I can't get rid of them to put my own frequently dialled numbers in.

    Any ideas?
    03-20-13 05:42 PM
  2. TejasBH's Avatar
    In the speed dial list, does it have a yellow lock next to the entry? If so then I doubt they can be deleted.. If not then just edit to change the entry.
    03-21-13 07:23 AM

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