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    OK,so i actually did encounter a problem..after i first posted everything was fine...here is what ive done...

    1. i called sprint to transfer or activate the 9650, from the 9630
    2. once transfer was done, and sprint tested the line, i plugged 9650 to DM, and updated the phone.
    3. i transferred the information from DM that i had saved from the 9630 (back up), into the 9650.

    heres where the 'fun' begins...

    i cant log into G Chat...i cant find BBM anywhere...if i go into settings, when i DO click on BBM, it does nothing...i only have a handful of programs that i actually use, and i cant access cause i have NO idea where the key codes are...i do understand that some things like my Theme will not and didnt transfer over...

    AND my SMS texts arent going thru..it gives me Error 2128 'could not be delivered due to a temporary network setup error.please try later.'
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    07-11-11 11:00 AM
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    i updated my issues
    07-11-11 01:40 PM
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    did you run a device switch wizard through DM?
    I would do that, and we report in.
    and your theme is a lower OS theme, and will not be compatible with os6
    07-11-11 01:44 PM
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    yea, i did the switch wizard through DM..and all my apps, well most are in the phone...

    the theme isnt a problem..its the other issues that suck...
    07-11-11 02:14 PM
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    Did you resend the service books?

    Also a full desktop migration from OS5 to OS6 is generally not a good idea...
    07-11-11 02:24 PM
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    thanks for the responses =) ..i think everything is now working the way it should (hopefully)...now i have to get used to this new phone..lol
    07-12-11 09:05 AM
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    i am glad CB was able to help. the 9650 is solid, and runs OS6 very well!

    dont hesitate to look here for help again.
    remember the search tool is your best friend!
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    07-12-11 09:21 AM