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    A friend has a VZW 9930 and is having an issue where the speakerphone goes on by itself all the time while she is talking on the phone. The speakerphone on the touch screen is no where near her face when she's talking.

    Is anyone else having an issue like this? I was wondering if it was a bug somewhere, or maybe just a glitch with her phone if no one else is having it?
    09-01-11 10:34 PM
  2. FBA's Avatar
    The phone is equipped with a proximity sensor, which when resting against a face, shuts off the screen. It is NOT supposed to allow the user to accidentally press soft buttons on the screen, ie; mute/spkr etc...

    Ask her to check to see if the screen blanks out while against her face. If it doesn't, it means the prox sensor isn't working correctly.

    Battery pull or Alt-cap-backspace (reboot) may fix it if it's glitchy.
    09-02-11 12:08 AM
  3. Stayfair's Avatar
    Thanks. I'll have her check that out today and I'll check back in later with an update.
    09-02-11 05:36 AM
  4. Stayfair's Avatar
    She called VZW and since it was less than 2 weeks since purchase he just exchanged it. She was having some issues with battery as well.

    All's well.

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    09-02-11 06:07 PM