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    First the problem I am still having:

    My loudspeaker doesnt work. Not low volume, NO volume. One day, it worked, next second...nothing. This is NOT under warranty, and I have NO insurance.

    Things I have tried
    1. I have upgraded to from .167 to .282, no change.
    2. I have replaced the entire midplate.
    3. I have replaced the speakers from 2 different vendors.
    4. I have noticed that the speaker inside the unit is the SAME speaker used for the earpiece and the loudspeaker. I took out the speaker, put the phone back together and there was nothing. Put the speaker back in, and I have earpiece and still no loudspeaker.
    5. Have definitely done battery pull after battery pull after battery pull
    6. I have cleaned every contact, every surface everything with QTip and rubbing alcohol.

    I have noticed:

    1. if you are having problems with your loudspeaker and your earpiece is working fine...its not necessarily the speaker (other than a crack in one of the contacts)
    2. Inside the bold on the mainboard, the speaker makes contact with 2 concentric circles (they dont overlap). Each contact from the speaker makes contact with one of these, thus completing the circuit. If the earpiece works, then it goes to reason that there is nothing wrong with the contacts on the main board.
    3. There MUST be some sort of hardware switch that gets activated when you switch from earpiece to loudspeaker (does anyone know where it is?)
    4. This could very easily be a software issue, but I just upgraded to .282 and it stopped working on .167 (which is why I upgraded).

    I obviously have been around the block on this one...know more than I should about this...Any help, good bad or indifferent that sparks a discourse on this that helps me solve or helps someone else with the same issue would be greatly greatly appreciated.

    As a final note...CLEARLY there is a manufacturing bug with the Bold. Not everyone has it, but it is just WRONG from RIM to release this product in this manner. I can not use this phone reliably and I really really LOVE it. Throwing it away would just kill me. Thank you in advance for any help.
    08-17-09 07:18 PM
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    Bah! Sorry, Editing the Post...

    Your Kinda outa luck...If it's not under warranty, and you have no insurance ::shrugs::

    I had this same EXACT issue with Bold #3...Took it back to AT&T, and it was replaced no questions asked...

    Im on my 5th Replacement Bold...This one Works PERFECTLY...LOL
    08-17-09 07:23 PM