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    Hi guys,

    So I received a 9930 some days ago from USA on Sprint. The phone is unlocked as I'm using my GSM South African simcard (Vodacom-SA) with no problem so far..

    My issue is that annoying "Activation required" message that sits on top of my home screen. Now, I've purchased an SPC Code from blackberryunlocking.us and I dial ##+SPC Code to get to the CDMA Service edit screen... I change the Mobile directory # and the IMSI_S # to my Vodacom-SA simcard number.. I also change the Mobile country code which was on "310" to South Africa's "27". Mobile network code stays on "00" surely.

    I hit menu, press "SAVE" and the phone just sits on the screen and doesn't reboot..

    For reference currently on the CDMA service edit screen,
    Home SID: 4139
    Home NID: 65535

    Am I doing something wrong? Please enlighten me if so.
    I would greatly appreciate some help!

    10-09-11 07:45 AM
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    10-09-11 02:35 PM
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    Did you ever find any information on this? I also am looking for info on the CDMA Service edit screen.
    I also had an issue that after I changed the IMSI_S E and the MIP user ID .. I just deleted the email address that was there and left it blank,.. The phone did not re-boot after I saved.

    I re booted manually and , all changes I had made were "Undone" as if it had not saved them.
    I changed only my Mobile Directory Number to my correct tel # , saved and the phone re booted. This time the change worked and My correct tel # appears in the dialing menu now.

    Hope someone jumps on this.
    07-23-12 02:30 AM
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    I recently got this phone from my sister who was using it on Virgin mobile with no problems. I am on vodacom and can't get the BIS to work. The host routing table stays empty and vodacom is at a loss. This is a horizon phone. Can anyone help me?
    09-09-13 03:22 PM