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    Hi all,

    Congrats to you lucky canadians that have managed to snag the 9900....damnit i wish i was still living in Canada

    Anyhow can anyone tell me what the led light is like when receiving notifications??...i had the torch a while back and i absolutely loathed the led notification light on that as i found it too dim and small...whereas my 9780 is perfect...ive been looking at pics and vids and im a bit worried that the led notification light may be the same as the torch's one ie small and barely distinguisable compared to the 9780 led.

    Can anyone give me an idea of how good or bad it is...ill be using bebuzz of course but id like to have something pretty bright-ish.
    08-10-11 09:59 AM
  2. Cheetablaze's Avatar
    Ever walked into your parents room and saw nothing but white **** cheeks flopping around? It is that blinding... literally! Actually it would be bright enough to spot from across the room. I have my children trained to look for the flashing light and alert me when they see it.
    08-10-11 10:04 AM
  3. Fnord's Avatar
    The notification light is much brighter than my Torch. It seems to be located towards to top right of the opening, whereas the one on my Torch fell just outside on the left.

    I don't think you'd have any issues spotting it.
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    08-10-11 10:49 AM
  4. Spawn12's Avatar
    Thanks guys...that helps
    08-10-11 10:57 AM