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    Hi. Wanted to plug in to forums as after reading many phone reviews,I have finally decided on the 9700. My requirements are: mobipocket reader as I have a load of books with them. File management and ftp as I manage websites on the fly, tethering so I can bypass the proxy at work, password management, ideally a choice of browsers and imap folder handling. In theory, both the HD2 and Nokia E72 meet my needs better- both offer wifi tethering and imap folders (Nokia via profimail). But the thing that swayed me was the thread "what do you hate about your 9700" which was so positive about the phone. Okay the keyboard may be small to some but a fundamental part of me feels the need to have a real keyboard. Also nokia have had their day I feel and the Windows 6.5 is way too quirky even if covered with the Sense UI. The HD2 Is also huge. So a 9700 it is- at number 5 it was also the highest non touch screen smartphone in techradar's top 15 smartphones.I won't get OS 6 if there is any danger it will slow the phone down but will get the new webkit browser. As for build quality, it is nothing Orange Care insurance and an otterbox commuter won't take care of. So the final question, black or white?

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    06-09-10 04:43 PM
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    well Kevin is the man in white the Bold 9700 white, a lot of people like the black I got a black one .. but I did check out the white and its really hawt looking so .. I would recommend you goto the store and see the white before getting the traditional black one. But the black one does rock

    its a great phone, I think you will like it
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    06-09-10 04:48 PM
  3. joey1910's Avatar
    Black. Like the white but it's just not me. If you want to be more unique and all get the white, a lot less of those on the streets. Or if you got some serious money you can always Colorware it
    06-09-10 06:04 PM
  4. pilsbury's Avatar
    black here. Congrats on your 9700, heck of a device.
    06-09-10 06:06 PM
  5. vanesserstation's Avatar
    I alway prefer black b/c I'm like a child with white, won't stay white for much long once in my hands. lol
    06-09-10 06:14 PM
  6. BoldtotheMax's Avatar
    Yep black is the way to go for me...

    I am sure you will like your 9700...I know I have in the 5 months I have had it.


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    06-09-10 06:32 PM
  7. thejgeffect's Avatar
    White for sure. Soo much fresher. I however have a black 9700 but am waiting for my gold bezel to arrive.
    06-09-10 07:46 PM
  8. rafairchil2's Avatar
    Balck for me.
    06-09-10 07:51 PM
  9. wnm's Avatar
    Mine is black, wifes is white. The white is pretty cool, and thought about getting a white one.
    06-09-10 08:19 PM
  10. r.santa1's Avatar
    White. I hav black. Over it.

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    06-09-10 08:37 PM
  11. Nonsenseinsd8's Avatar
    Just got the white one and I love it... Purely color preference tho...and the 9700 is by far the best device ever!!!

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    06-09-10 09:21 PM
  12. Newfangled Gizmo's Avatar
    Balck for me.
    Yet another choice to consider!

    I'm using black and I think it looks sleek (though I'd love to see a bit of red on it.) I'll admit to some curiosity about white, and may visit a store to see an actual example. Have you done so, ODAAT? A side-by-side comparison will definitely help you make up your mind!
    06-09-10 09:56 PM
  13. r.santa1's Avatar
    I did side by side and my black seido case on the white is awesome..great combo..i think alot of colored hard cases (ifrogz etc) will look sick with white..black is so boring...but i love it...
    06-09-10 10:46 PM
  14. sily12's Avatar
    I tried to get T-Mobile to let me switch out my Black 9700 for a White one... I Failed. Get white!
    06-10-10 12:48 AM
  15. ODAAT's Avatar
    Mmmmm... Colorware! Not sure if my budget will quite stretch that far. I am no celebrity. Still, having compared side by side I have decided on the black - just looks a bit more professional to me. Thanks for the input though!
    06-10-10 01:20 AM