1. hammey22's Avatar
    I have had the 9650 for almost a week and it is okay. Had the older curve for over 18 months and really liked it. I am now on the fence about the EVO. Anyone out there considering the switch as well? Am I being silly even considering it? I am so confused, someone help me!!!
    06-07-10 05:59 PM
  2. papped's Avatar
    Go to the store and try it out?

    There's plenty of threads in both directions, people who got the EVO then returned it for the 9650 and vice versa. Buying it based on someone else's impression isn't going to do much. You only get one chance to swap though and it's gonna cost you $35 restocking fee.
    06-07-10 06:01 PM
  3. mjbesen310's Avatar
    well, I have seen a Fair amount of people return the EVO for the Bold already, but its all about what you need though..
    06-07-10 06:04 PM
  4. NastyNeil's Avatar
    If the EVO had a physical keyboard as well, I might have considered it even more than I did. It really is a cool phone though.
    06-07-10 06:06 PM
  5. madeagain's Avatar
    Personally I went and played with it out of curiosity and I was not all that impressed. The platform seemed confusing... The graphics were incredible I give it that much and I love the voice text entry feature but it is just all too complicated. I feared the novilty of it would wear off quickly and I would end up with a lot of frustration do to the complexity of it. but the is just my opinion... I love that with my Berry I can text and email on the go... plus with the size of the Evo... it would be like lugging around a small television... again just my two cents...
    06-07-10 06:09 PM
  6. papped's Avatar
    ^^ That's more or less been my experience with every touchscreen phone I've owned.
    06-07-10 06:12 PM
  7. NastyNeil's Avatar
    I always feel overwhelmed when I switch to something new, but I am sure anyone who gets the EVO will get used to it very quickly. I just feel that I have been loyal to blackberry for a while, and I would like to see what OS 6 and the web kit does to the experience of the phone. If I am not impressed, then I will switch it up next May. To each their own, and for those that love the evo, congrats and enjoy. I find it funny that it is so hard to voice opinion on here without starting a flame war.
    06-07-10 06:14 PM
  8. NastyNeil's Avatar
    Not saying that there is a flame war in here, but I posted a story on a different thread and then it turned in to a flame war. I agree that nobody should make their decision on someone's story or what they read online. You have to play with it and experience it yourself. A friend got the EVO from work, and I played with it today, and I had a lot of fun with it and it was MUCH better than the device I played with in the store.
    06-07-10 06:17 PM
  9. CFournier's Avatar
    The EVO is HUGE! I was on the fence too until I got my hands on a dummy unit pre-release. The specs look amazing but that is the biggest phone I've seen or held... the size alone was enough to turn me off from it.
    06-07-10 07:55 PM
  10. reaborg's Avatar
    bleh..just get a nice computer ...
    otherwise, if you're going to leave blackberry, get the new iPhone 4G. its sickly incredible...
    06-07-10 08:15 PM