1. pvswie-01's Avatar

    On a new BB I installed the t-mobile SIM etc.
    This involved going to the provider website t-mobile.nl
    Since internet access is NOT UNLIMITED here I also configured Wifi for use at home, hoping to have free and fast internet access at home.
    All this works, but there is something strange happening:

    For testing Wifi I disabled the BB radio.
    Now when I want to go to the URL of t-mobile the BB wants me to turn on the radio. (Other URLs work through Wifi OK). It seems like the BB remembers that it accessed the URL before using the radio and does not want to use Wifi. It first gives a message indicating that the network is not available but that it has the page in the cache. When I select I do not want to see the cache it gives an error that it cannot display the page without the radio turned on.

    - It is no problem accessing the URL from a PC.
    - I ran tcpdump on the Wifi network firewall and it shows the BB does not even try to access the t-mobile URL on wifi.
    09-11-11 02:22 AM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    That is very likely a restriction set my t-mobile via servicebooks.

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    09-11-11 06:50 AM
  3. pvswie-01's Avatar
    Restriction via servicebooks!

    I had to remove the battery. After the starting up the t-mobile.nl URL worked using Wifi. Would that behavior be consistent with the restriction using servicebooks?
    09-11-11 08:16 AM