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    Well I just went from 4.6.something.something to whatever the latest is on the blackberry desktop software. So far I absolutely hate it. Boot time isn't any better, have to get used to a whole new UI and try to remember which icons go where, no one's getting my texts(it IS ACTIVATED STFU).

    But the thing that pisses me off more than all the others combined is that I had some very important text messages that won't come back when I restore them. It also doesn't have just an SMS inbox like 4.6 did which is annoying... Gotta merge everything, **** let's just remove every app and make a browser that can text that can play games that can set options and can download apps. Among a billion other ******* things. ****ty blackberry.

    But anyway, like I said, VERY important texts that I can not do without. I checked the options and tried a hundred different combinations of settings and it's still the same. The weird part is the only texts that survived were ones from facebook and one or two regular ones..

    Obviously I'm pissed, so these are obviously important. Any ideas?

    Yes I've tried restoring, battery pull, all the obvious crap.
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    Don't be so mad at your BB. 4.6 to the latest is a pretty big jump for her ...as far as getting SMS out of the default messages folder, go into messages>menu>options>inbox settings>uncheck SMS/MMS. For getting the SMS icon back, did you try resetting the theme defaults for icon placement (menu>menu>options>theme defaults>check icon arrangement)- it could also just be hidden, in main menu/applications choose menu and 'show all'.

    You said no one is getting your texts? Who is your service provider? When I updated mine, my apn settings were automatically replaced with ATT's, and after resetting them I still had to have my provider push service books back through.

    The only solution I know for retrieving lost SMS (provided you backed-up prior to update) is manually choosing just SMS from the restore in DM. But, you said you tried that...

    If nothing else works, maybe use crunchSMS until you find a solution
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