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    Hello All, I'm hoping you can help a current Windows Mobile user switch over to Blackberry by answering some questions.

    I went looking at phoines last week and had a play with a Balckberry Bold in a local phone shop and was most impressed. It's really made me think of getting one when my contract is up for renewal this July. Anyway onto the questions:

    1) Gmail push and sync - I have a GMail account and would prefer to keep it. I also want to have push e-mail as that is the whole point of a Blackberry right? From my reading around I can set this up to sync with gmail using imap but the only thing it won't do is reflect changes I make in Gmail in a browser onto the Blackberry is that right? (ie if I delete or read an item in the browser it won't change on the Blackberry but if I delete or read something on the Blackberry it will change in the browser)

    2) RSS reading software, what would people say was the best, I'd like read some reviews beforehand.

    3) Is there any software that allows you to change the profile on the phone at a certain time? (ie phone go to silent at 8am when I get to work and then back to normal at 5pm when I leave)

    4) Since the Bold has been out a while, is there something new on the horizon that I should be waiting for? I'm in the UK so sometimes it takes longer for things to come out over here and it would have to be a GSM phone.

    Any answers to the above questions would be much appreciated.

    06-09-09 11:01 AM
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    From my experience regarding Gmail push... As a BIS user, changes I make on my bold update to desktop/web client. For example, if I read on BB its read on Gmail, if I delete its gone, etc. Now, unfortunately, if I read or delete on Gmail my bold still treats as a new message, even if I try to force reconcile the mailbox.

    2) I'd search the crackberry store

    3) I know there is, but it does required a third-party app, again check the store.

    4) There is always something on the horizon in terms of tech. Here is my advice, right down what you think you need from the device, what you really want from the device, and what would be nice to have on the device. Then see how well that relates to phones that work well with your carrier. More specifically, search for onyx, or do some more web sleuthing. Best of luck with your decision and welcome to the forum!
    06-09-09 01:03 PM
  3. pajd100's Avatar

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I think I can live with the way BIS treats Gmail, would be nice if it synced fully but I think the BB to desktop sync is the most important half so that's good.

    As for the Onyx, I will do some research and see what it offers over a Bold.
    06-10-09 02:35 AM
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    Check out Viigo for an RSS reader. Make sure you have the settings so it does not update in the background. Gmail works as you described, but does it very well. There are some apps out there that will do the auto on and off. And lastly, you can spend your whole life waiting for the next big thing.
    06-10-09 04:46 AM