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    Hi all.

    Well its intresting reading all these comments from the new bold users. As a 8310 owner seriously considering getting a bold (and desperatley looking for an xcuse as my gf brought me a curve as a present... U know the feeling! :-) )

    On a serious note, I'm really concerned with the number of issues being raised with the new bold. I understand this is new and bound to be the case however the OS is not majorly new is it?! I mean some of the issues people are having particularly with wifi/Browser and battery life is worrying.

    I have two friends working in orange stores (I like to network + it can save too lol) and have heard from both who incidently have bbBolds that the number of customers comming back complaining and wanting exchanges was higher than any of them at the stores expected.

    I seriously fell in love with the bold until reading posts etc. I mean I understand there are updated os floating around but I really don't think its fair to pay 200 + on a phone when these basic problems exisit.

    Just some thoughts.

    :-) luv to u all!

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    08-31-08 03:16 PM
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    Hi mate got my phone through orange and I have to say I have had no problems I have updated the software but to be honest before I did I was happy with the phone. Sometimes the browser isnt the best but then again some peopel expect e mobile to be as good as a PC me included. It does well on BBc news google etc.

    What were people wanting the exchanges complaining about?
    08-31-08 03:21 PM
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    The fact that 3g was dropping then having to turn on/off the phone. Also people were complaing of the broswer speeds and in few cases (which I think was down to faulty batch) freezing on the browser.

    I think I'm going to wait a while before I dig deep in my wallet. :-)

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    08-31-08 05:18 PM
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    currently all the models like pearl, curve and 8800 run on the same platform, with some minor modifications for each device like screen size etc. the new os for the bold is a brand new platform and all new rim devices will be running on this. for example the javelin will be based on the same platform. rim did say that their major concern with this platform was mostly stability, whcih they have achieved. they say that now that they see its stable they are focusing on other things like performance and that will become evident in the new os's that will become available.
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