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    So I just installed the latest software version (v6.0.0.600, Platford Bundle 2647)

    And since I hadn't ever done a software update before (I think I was on what the phone first came with still) I was wondering what's new in this software? I'm just curious as to what's it done? Will I see improvements from such a large software jump? Does anyone have a list of new features/enhancements/improvements? Thanks in advance
    09-04-11 10:38 AM
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    there are plenty of findings/fixings threads for each new OS released. please search. also, .600 is an older OS since .650 is the most recent.
    09-04-11 11:18 AM
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    Sorry I did actually Google and search but nothing came up? (Maybe I'm using the wrong keywords) my bad I'll search again.

    I keep finding downloads for the software but not actually a list of findings or fixes..
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    09-04-11 11:26 AM
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    Head to the top of the 9780 forum page. It has a discussion thread on the latest official release. 650 is the latest release.

    I'm using 600 and have really enjoyed it so I'm waiting for a bit until loading 650.

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    09-04-11 12:09 PM
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    You can also search the CrackBerry forums for the thread associated with any previously released OS.
    09-04-11 12:56 PM
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    09-04-11 05:24 PM