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    Hi guys,

    So I've always been able to send long texts between the GF and I (she is not on a Samsung Captivate). However, recently, it might have been one of the hybrids I'm not so sure... I guess maybe around that I began to have issues of my texts not being delivered. The checkmark would show but the texts just wouldn't send.

    Now I know this was an issue in the past but for the past while I never had any issues, a longer text just gets merged and accepted on the other person's device.

    Assuming it was a hybrid thing, I've switched to the new Official OS.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has this issue or is it just me? Can I resend service books or something for SMS text?

    Thanks guys!
    07-27-11 11:08 PM
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    is it working since you've switched from the hybrid? has it worked in OS 5 without a hiccup? Have you tried a battery pull? Contacted your carrier about that?

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    07-28-11 05:35 AM
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    It did work on OS5, but also on OS6. Yes I've switched out of the hybrid to the newest official and still have the same problem. I was wondering if anyone else maybe had the same issue with the same OS etc.. Lol, my carrier's tech support for Blackberries is not very good and they'll probably blame my newest official OS.. They're always extremely behind.

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    07-28-11 08:08 AM