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    I want to know if there is a way you can hide your sms texts so when you receive a text...only the red light blinks and you have to go into a certain folder to view the sms text. Usually the sms icon pops up at the top of the screen and a red astrik shows up showing you have a new text that you have not viewed. Pretty much, only I want to be the only one knowing a text came in on my blackberry and if someone goes through my phone...they will never know a text has came in.

    Thank you

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    06-09-10 01:40 PM
  2. ridesno159's Avatar
    iLock was just posted in the blogs yesterday. It let's you set a password for certain apps and folders. So someone could see that you got a text, but won't beable to view it.

    What you want to do I don't think is possible.

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    06-09-10 01:44 PM
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    Yea don't think you can change the folder but iLock works great, have had it for a few months now to hide my SMS and BBMs (and other stuff like pictures, e-mails, etc...) from friends when they "want to play games" or "make a call" on my phone (you can see how much I trust my friends)
    06-09-10 03:11 PM