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    hi, i have a blackberry bold. its original service is ATT but im in israel now and my phone service is now cellcom. my phone calls are working fine but im not able to send text messages. when i tries it says resource unavailable. i recieved one and i noticed that my phone showed +972 in front of their number so i tried the same format to send a text out and it still doesnt work. also if someone knows the service center number for this carrier please let me know. i have +972521100059 i think this might be wrong and hopefully is the reason for this.
    08-13-11 01:34 PM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    You should, if you have a computer, google search your provider's name and you should find their website, then their contact number. Is there a store or kiosk to go to at all?

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    08-13-11 06:33 PM
  3. ekafara's Avatar
    This happened to me down in Australia. I'm originally from Canada. The numbers down here for mobiles are somewhat like: 0406808456. If I try to send a text to the mobile number like that it won't work. If I drop the first 0 for a 61 it works. I'm not sure why it does this. As far as I'm aware I also have to do this for phone calls(I haven't made a call in a while and haven't made many while down here so I don't remember). It may just be a certain number you have to put in front of it.

    Good luck on your search. I know from experience how annoying this is.

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    08-15-11 05:25 AM
  4. kevinnugent's Avatar
    61 is Australias country code. Look up Isreal's and you should be sweet.
    08-15-11 06:00 AM