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    When I receive a text message on my 9900, it does not show a notification icon on the homsecreen, and when I go into the SMS menu it shows the message as read. However, if I go into the message itself, it shows me the small yellow circle (showing the message is unread).

    The phone is out of the holster, running .353, LED is flashing. Emails + push notifications (fb, lexolous) working properly

    Tried re-booting (batt pull + restart me), didn't work

    Any help/advice would be appreciated, short of wiping/restoring I don't really know what to do. As well, problem started about 2 days ago, had the phone for 2 weeks and for the first while it worked fine
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    I am also running .353 and i have noticed my 9900 has been doing this recently. It's strange as it never used to......

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