1. Cherdos's Avatar
    I dont know if anyone else has noticed or just me. I have verizon and the 9930 when I had my storm 2 and I used to send a sms text I had a charecter limit of 160 and then I would get a field full message. I no longer have that with this phone I was wondering if they eliminated the 160 charecter limit with os7 cause i thaught that was a carrier limit and then the texts would be split to 2 seperate messages.
    08-21-11 09:42 PM
  2. Masahiro's Avatar
    Nope. It's there. When you start getting close to 160 characters, a black banner pops up over the text box showing how much space you have left.

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    08-21-11 09:45 PM
  3. MeetJoeAsian's Avatar
    I have EMS on my VZW Blackberry Bold 9650 already and it's running on os6...it gives you a character count and message number on the top left corner below the recipient's name "160/1 of 7"...and yes, when the message is sent, it is sent in SMS format with only 160 characters, therefore, your recipient will receive it as multiple messages
    08-21-11 10:49 PM
  4. digdah's Avatar
    I approve of this 'development'. Wonder why it too so long for it to come to fruition.
    08-21-11 10:51 PM