1. dphjeff's Avatar
    This started about a week ago and only happens occasionally. When I am bridged with PlayBook and try to text from my 9930, I get a SMS error or my phone displays service denied. If I go back and open the bridge to SMS on the PlayBook and send the text and close out, it will let me text on my 9930. If I don't open the bridge on the playbook the 9930 will not clear and send texts. Has anyone had the same problem?
    04-11-13 01:17 PM
  2. nappp's Avatar
    I have not experienced this. besides a good ol fashioned restart, have you tried deleting bridge from your phone, restarting, and installing it again?
    04-11-13 01:30 PM
  3. dphjeff's Avatar
    Yes, I have deleted the bridge and it still does it. I'm wondering if its a carrier problem because it does it more often when my phone roaming.
    04-11-13 01:44 PM

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