1. gman9900's Avatar
    Ok, so for now very happy with the 9900
    but one question, prior to this phone that I had no data plan on sprint, people could send me text message from their phone
    from Email (abcds@hotmail.com to my 3051234567@messaging.sprintpcs.com) I will get it as a regular text message
    Even if I replied to that text from my phone or create a new sms (that phone had no MMS capability) to that email
    they will get the message from my phone

    I just tried doing the same, and the message says "switching to MMS mode" sending the message and nothing
    I have not gotten any email (test) or the other person

    Any setting that I have to change or it will not work on the 9900
    04-05-13 07:10 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Have you changed providers? Could it be an issue with the new provider?
    04-11-13 03:06 PM

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