1. Robert Horak's Avatar
    Hi, I just bought new BB 9900. And I┤m wondering about smart accessories option. I have seen on crackberry youtube video, that when you connect a charger into the igrip car mount while phone is inserted in the holder, it will offer you to create a profile for this particular charger. This profile enables you to switch off wifi, bluetooth, activate GPS etc. In the user manual it says, that even if you connect any charger, cradle it should activate this option. But my BB doesn┤t ? Why? I tried to search on the internet, but nothing found about this topic. Can you help me please, what do I need, to use this nice option? Is it the charger, which is equipped by USB ID, or just europe doesn┤t have this option? Or maybe it is a bug in my firmware?

    Really appreciate your feedback

    Thank you
    07-24-13 03:33 AM
  2. just_luc's Avatar
    Hi Robert,

    First off, welcome to crackberry.com and congrats om your first post!

    I'm not familiar with the charger you are describing, do you have a link? It sounds to me like it might use NFC, do you have NFC enabled on your device?
    07-26-13 01:28 PM

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