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    Is anyone experiencing slow internet on their 9900? The phone is amazing, but this is the only gripe I have.

    It seems like my 9700 is running broadband and my 9900 is running dial-up, it's really that bad. Even the crackberry forums, which is essentially just a load of text, takes ages to load (around 60 seconds).

    I tried to go to 'Play.com' and after 3mins got sick of waiting so closed it. My 9700 was a flying machine compared to this. Anyone got any recommendations on the best browser settings etc to speed things up? I'm using the browser that came with the phone.

    When I upgraded yesterday the guy in the store did check my sim card to make sure I had the right one. He said that if I didn't have the correct one then I could experience speed issues (with what I don't know), so that isn't an issue.


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    08-20-11 04:49 AM