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    I really loved the sleeper function for my holster on my previous Bold 9650. The battery would last for days. I just got my Bold 9930 and was thinking the function was gone with only 2 magnets on bottom of the phone for the charging port. When I put the phone into the holster that came with the phone the lights go out immediately and back on when I take it out. Is a sleeper function working for this phone? That would be awesome!! Can someone tell me if this is true I cant find it anywhere on the boards and Verizon doesn't even know.

    08-19-11 03:43 PM
  2. dcgore's Avatar
    It is. The magnets in the holster put the phone into standby mode.
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    08-19-11 03:52 PM
  3. costco1's Avatar
    it is one of RIM's early patents. Back in 72xx device days magnetic was visibly embedded on the holster.
    08-20-11 11:53 PM