1. Vancouver Meg's Avatar
    My DH managed to terminate Mr B by using a nail file to get the sim card out. I have no idea why, I only asked hiim to remove the battery to read the IMEI code but he's an engineer so..... Anyways I didn't know about this until Vodafone returned Mr B saying they wouldn't fix it as it was 'physically damaged' after which DH confessed. Is it worth my while paying to have it fixed? About how much would it cost, ie is it an expensive job? Mr B is only 13 months old. Apparently he broke some of the metal reader bits off and they will need soldering and no I don't still have them as I wasn't aware he had done this. Any advice please?
    05-21-10 02:41 PM
  2. BlackRedBold's Avatar
    What are u talking about? Lol! But from what I understand looks like u need a new midplate

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    05-22-10 05:03 AM