1. urbanriot's Avatar
    Over the years I've pretty much lost all my BBM contacts since everyone's jumped ship to iPhone / Android with the exception of my coworkers and my wife, so when my phone makes the BBM sound I know that "this is an important sound and I need to look at it."

    However now that BBM is popular on other platforms, I'm hearing the sound regularly for trivial messages that I wish to ignore. In fact, there's some people I don't want to ever hear at all.

    I linked the BBM PINs with a BBM contact and set custom sounds for the contact's messages but I'm still getting the BBM sound for everyone and can't seem to change it... can anyone advise me how I can fix this issue? If there's no way to fix it I'm basically going to delete everyone that's social and just keep the important contacts.
    11-09-13 09:17 AM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    I'm afraid you will get notified each time a bbm comes in if you have alerts for it set to on. You can't turn off just some.
    11-09-13 09:32 AM
  3. lcchick's Avatar
    Is there an app that might help with this? Advance OS &LED has some customizations for BBM, not sure if this might work. Berrybuzz is another that might be able to do something. Good luck!
    11-09-13 06:03 PM

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