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    I was a Blackberry user for many years until last year when the iPhone 4 came out and there was no sign/hope of even a decent media/updated device coming out of RIM.

    I've been mulling it over and over again and again and I think John Retinger posted a ridiculously glorifying review of this phone online here

    I am curious about these points from his review:

    • Is it the contention of anyone else besides John that the keyboard is as good if not better than the Bold 9000/9700 keyboards?
    • Browsing? John says it's pretty damn good and as someone I know uses an iPhone it's odd to see him gush over the browser
    • Call Quality - John seems extremely pleased with the speaker/antenna performance of this phone - anyone else?
    • I have seen some videos/reviews stating that the GSM version of the phone supports 4-G or at least that faux HPSA+ 4G nonsense from T-Mobile. Is this even true? Does the CDMA phone support LTE or stuck at 1XEVDO/3G ?

    Thanks guys!
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    09-05-11 03:29 PM
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    Keyboard better than 9000 for sure!

    Browsing - very good...i wouldn't say quite as good as iPhone but close

    Call quality - no complaints
    09-05-11 03:37 PM
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    The 9930 is an amazing device! Great all around no issues here at all. Go to a store and try one.

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    09-05-11 04:17 PM