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    Occassionally, with only texting one person who has an Iphone on the Telus network, I get a "Short Message Transfer Rejected" message - I am on the Rogers Network. If I retype the message and send it a second time, it goes through. Usually, this only happens once and then I can keep texting as I would anyone else.

    Any ideas on what the Short Message Trnasfer Rejected message means?
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    07-13-11 01:45 AM
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    Idk whatt it means but I've had it happen to me before and as far as I rremember, I hadn't even texted that person in hours and the last text I sent as a reply yo them went through fine. I'd like to knoow whatt it means too.

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    07-17-11 03:26 AM
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    bro im gettng the same problem do let me know when ya get any solution plxxx inbox me then
    08-20-11 11:15 AM