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    Hey Bold users, you asked and I listened! I got tons of requests to port my Storm Sexy Dice app to the Bold and now its finally done! Thanks to all my beta testers who helped me get this app tested on all the non-touchscreen phones (except the pearl which it does not support currently)

    The Bold version takes full advantage of the higher resolution screen and offers crisp high-res dice sets! There are four dice sets in total, and more to come.
    EDIT: In celebration of the release and reaching the top 20 bestselling blackberry apps on mobihand/crackberry, i am renewing the 1 off coupon! The new code is sexytime1 and is good for $1 off! If you want to use the coupon i think you need to use the on device app store or go direct from mobihand, can someone confirm that>?

    If you want to read some reviews you can check out the storm version of the thread, which has 18 pages of positive reviews, i just went through it and couldnt find a negative one

    I promise this app to be tons of fun, it has proved to be a great way to add some excitement to relationships on every level! Its even fun just to show your friends (i do this all the time, they all get a kick) The app has just broke into the top 20 best sellers for the storm!

    This version DOES have the new 4th dice set included free of charge! It has positions and locations

    For more screen shots, and more app specifics check out its page in the app store:

    Sexy Dice - Games BlackBerry Apps - Crackberry BlackBerry Software Store

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    I had the priveledge of testing it on the boldn and works great! If you're looking for some fun with that other half, or just like to play some regular dice, this is definately for you! Awesome app to have! Mike did a great job giving the non storm olders ome love! Pick it up, and let the games begin. Thanks again mike!

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    06-05-09 07:21 AM
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    Thanks Skullz!
    06-05-09 02:38 PM
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    congrats on the release mike, i would like to let the bold users know that this app is AWESOME! Your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband will LOVE it!
    06-05-09 06:21 PM
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    $1 off coupon added to first post!
    06-06-09 05:38 AM