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    So this seams like a pretty simple thing to do and a pretty stupid question, but I have search high and low for other people who have had this problem or somewhere on blackberrys site that address it up I keep coming up empty handed.

    I bought the 9700 Bold from a friend of mine who got it in Feb. and just ended up not liking it. I went in to set up my e-mail account in the setup wizzard and came to a problem. The ONLY option it gives me is to use the blackberry enterprise server, there is no option to just add or edit an account.

    Anyone know why this is happening, how I can fix it, or what needs to be done so that I can add my personal (yahoo) account?
    04-30-10 12:43 AM
  2. eb81784's Avatar
    Did u register the PIN with your network yet? Maybe that's the problem.. :/

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    04-30-10 12:48 AM
  3. Pitapie's Avatar
    Nope, how do I do that? What does that do? I have a prepaid account overseas so im not sure if that will make a difference.

    Also, would it be a good idea (and heck is it even possible) to reset the phone so its "like new"?
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    04-30-10 12:50 AM
  4. BBtoiPhone's Avatar
    To register your PIN with the network go Options>Advanced Options>Host Routing Table>Menu Button>Register Device...

    You can wipe (Reset) the BB.. Go to Options>Security Options>Security Wipe Then select the type of wipe you want to do..

    Hopefully one of these will help solve your problem. Good luck
    04-30-10 01:06 PM