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    Hi everyone,

    Just got my new bold 9700 today and im loving it. only one problem, i cant get my email to work...

    iv set it up for my xxxx@hotmail.com email address and it works perfect, but i cant get it to work for my myname@mycompanydomain.co.uk email address which is ideally what i need it for (work on the move) I own the domain name, its not a generic one.

    How do I set this up?

    Thank you in advance
    03-25-10 02:55 PM
  2. Sajan Parikh's Avatar
    I'm using my own email server and it works fine. Then again we are using the standard SMTP/POP3/IMAP ports. Talk to someone at your company about what ports they use for email and if the login has anything funky.
    03-25-10 02:59 PM
  3. bryce86's Avatar
    thanks iblizz

    as far as im aware im aware were using the standard ports.. looking it it just now in outlook it shows :
    account type: pop3
    incoming mail server: mail.companyname.co.uk
    outgoing mail server (smtp) mail.companyname.co.uk
    then username and password
    03-25-10 03:31 PM
  4. mark-d's Avatar
    Have you tried letting the BIS website import the settings from Outlook for your account?

    Also, try finding out if you can substitute the POP3 delivery for IMAP as this will provide better reconciliation of your read/unread status back to your mailbox and it will also automatically place a copy of your sent items into the sent items folder (under most circumstances).

    And if the IMAP supports IMAP_IDLE it will make your mail delivery much quicker than the standard 15 minute POP delivery.
    03-26-10 07:30 AM
  5. WindyT's Avatar
    Okay, I run my own server. It has on it about 90 accounts LAMP.
    I get email just fine on my BB on my John@JohnDoe.com account.

    There was an outage for about 36 hours about 10 days ago, but aside from that, flawless.

    Wife has her own domain, and her email Jane@JaneDoe.com
    gets to her BB phone flawlessly. Same TMobile Curve phones.

    Client has her own domain, Maisy@MaisyDoe.com (not real accts I hope!)
    and gets her mail to her BB phone (I think a Storm) on the Verizon network.

    Well, client upgraded to a Storm2, and she can't get her email to work. Verizon help was no good, and BB sent the standard help messages back after she emailed with her external email acct.

    "email address domain not found.The email address domain maisydoe.com cannot be found"

    This is an email addy on our server she was just using.

    Client tosses it back to me. Give me her details, and I try to add her email to my phone.

    Same result.

    So, I try to add an existing email on my JohnDoe.com account
    Frank@JohnDoe.com on my BB phone, the one with the John@JohnDoe.com working already.
    "email address domain not found.The email address domain johndoe.com cannot be found"

    This can't be, because I'm already set up with a working email on the same domain, and for years now.

    Wife with working JaneDoe.com email can't add another from the same domain to her phone.

    Everything on the CPanel server is up to date.
    I've only seen one complaint elsewhere about missing PTR records, but why would the email work (and still work) but won't let you add a new acct?

    [Mods, please move this to the proper forum if req'd.]
    04-02-10 08:02 PM
  6. jujoos's Avatar

    Did you ever resolve this issue? I am having the same problem. I have info@mydomain.co.uk working fine on BB. Trying to add another email address with a different domain name but hosted as an add-on domain to mydomain.co.uk under the same hosting package. Have set it up no problem in Windows Mail it's just my BB phone it won't work on. Have spoken to hosting company and mobile provider, both very helpful, setting it up ok on own iPhones etc but still no resolution re BB.

    Just wondered if you'd found a solution.

    Many thanks
    08-16-11 07:57 AM
  7. Osokoya Oluwagbemiga's Avatar
    i will love to have my personal busines email too,plase give me the web site i can create it
    01-03-14 12:31 AM
  8. Osokoya Oluwagbemiga's Avatar
    i will love to have my personal busines email too,plase give me the web site i can create it
    01-03-14 12:32 AM